Frequently Asked Questions

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SNR is a software development company that specializes in developing, deploying, and optimizing algorithmic trading bots. Our goal is to provide individuals, regardless of their trading experience, with access to seamless profit generation from the forex market. Our bots can be accessed through one of our partner platforms

If you are looking to generate a passive income effortlessly, SNR provides a unique solution that can offer you a steady flow of returns on your investment through algorithmic trading. Our platform allows you to benefit from the forex market regardless of your trading experience

You can easily get started by selecting one of our partners through our website, completing the application process, and funding your trading account. Once this is done, we will deploy our bots to automatically trade on your behalf

Our bots can be accessed only through one of our partners. To get started, you will need to sign up through our website to one of them

You can click here to contact us or simply send us an email on hello@snrobotix.com


A bot is a computer program designed by traders or developers to open, manage and close trading positions automatically at the right time based on a trading strategy, also called an algorithm.

Once you sign up with our partners, we will deploy our bots on your trading account. They will automatically open, manage, and close trades based on the mathematical models we have developed. SNR will continuously optimize these models to ensure that the bots continue to trade at their best

Yes, you can open new trades manually as well as override any of the positions opened by SNR through the broker's MT5 platform (web or app)

You can stop SNR from trading on your account at any time, by simply sending us a cancellation request on our email hello@snrobotix.com and specify how you want us to manage your open positions

The bots are designed to open, manage and close trades based on specific technical indicators and algorithms; and will only do so when the underlying conditions on which it has been programed are met. If the bot is not trading, that simply means that it has not found the programed indicators to initiate trades.

The bots are predominantly designed to manage risk. To protect your account, bots will occasionally, based on the programmed algorithms, close a trade at a loss to prevent bigger expected losses.

Money management

SNR is a platform that helps you automate your trading. We do not have any access or control over your funds, which you deposit directly to your broker's account with one of our regulated broker partners

At SNR, we only partner with regulated brokers, to ensure the safety of your money

Yes, you can withdraw at any time for any reason. You just need to manage that directly on your broker’s platform and you can make as many partial withdrawals as you need.

We do not specify a minimum deposit. Our bots trade a percentage of the balance in the account. Therefore, the higher the balance, the higher the potential gains. However, we do suggest a minimum of $1000 or equivalent to generate meaningful returns

SNR as a referring platform receives a fee from our partners based on the trading activity of our referrals. This allows us to offer our service for free for the traders.