How we do it

Algorithmic Trading Bots


Unlike most others, we do not use a single, or even a combination of trading strategies when we develop our bots. Instead, we follow a pure mathematical and technical approach:

First, our AI tests billion of combinations
of technical indicators to enter, manage, and exit trades. After selecting the most successful, the AI stress-tests these models by running various backtesting scans on different periods to clear out any outliers.

Lastly, we code a series of automated risk management techniques and currency adjustment factors that allow the bots to auto-adjust trade sizes depending on available equity and account currency


We deploy our bots in a self managed cloud infrastructure, in close proximity to the market. This setup allows us to ensure a stable uninterrupted connectivity to the market, and the fastest trade execution.


Because we know that all bots eventually experience a performance decline when the market conditions change, we constantly monitor the performance of our bots and optimize them to adapt to these changes. Our AI continuously tests various mathematical combinations and suggests the best ‘new’ settings for all currency pairs.