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Why we founded SNR SNR SNR

When Sherif first showed me how he used algorithms to trade forex successfully and consistently earn profits, it appeared more like a magic trick than anything substantial.  – But in truth, it was far from magic; it was leveraging technology to create tangible value.

Algorithmic trading has been around for long, with institutional investors like banks and hedge funds having employed it for years to manage their trading activities. Today, we are delighted to extend this possibility to you as well!

Our purpose is clear:
We aim to provide you, regardless of your trading experience, with the opportunity to consistently generate profits from the forex market. We achieve this through our AI-developed algorithmic trading bots, which autonomously navigate the markets on your behalf. By placing this technology in your hands, we empower everyone to reap the benefits of this vast financial market.

If someone had ever told you that a bot could earn you money, now you can confidently respond, “yes, that’s possible!“ Enjoy exploring our services and embark on your rewarding forex journey.

Best regards,
Sherif & Nabil

Meet Sherif

Sherif’s passion is coding. He believes that computers can do almost anything—faster, better, and more affordably. This is probably why he builds computer systems just for fun.
After spending many years in the corporate world, Sherif took the leap and founded his first own software company in 2017, and never looked back since. He used this venture as a launchpad to begin creating algorithms for various applications.

In 2020, Sherif started programming algorithmic trading bots for the forex market. Through a lot of learnings, automations, and refinements, he has crafted the engine on which SNR is built. This sophisticated engine is the artificial brain that creates our algorithms, deploys them in the market and makes them better through constant optimization.

Meet Nabil

Nabil is driven by a passion for growth. With 20 years of experience in leadership roles within major corporations, he has consistently guided teams toward remarkable achievements. His personal motto has always centered around “growth for the clients, the team, and the company” – in unison, never at the expense of each other.

In 2021, he recognized the immense potential of algorithmic trading bots and came up with the idea of SNR, a platform dedicated to growing people’s investments. His aspiration is to provide everyone with the opportunity to generate sufficient passive income to pursue their dreams.

As the leader of SNR, Nabil now spearheads the company with his growth-oriented philosophy ingrained in every part of it. The unwavering focus remains on achieving growth for clients, the team, and the company, aligning seamlessly with his guiding principle